Pack Magic

Pack magic is the ability to utilize the mystical energies involved in a werewolf pack.

One Dot
At 1 dot the werewolf gains access to pack magic, this requires becoming part of a pack. The werewolf may now communicate mentally to wolves in sight and send simple messages with a wolf howl. The werewolves can sense the general location of each other and can tell when one of the pack is in pain or distress.

Two Dot
The werewolf gains access to the Pack’s gift. If the pack purchased multiple gifts then the werewolf chooses one of them.

Three Dot
The werewolf gains access to the Pack’s major gift.

Pack Gifts

Minor Gifts
When a pack is first formed a minor gift is selected which is granted to all members of the pack as well as all friends of the pack. A few sample choices are listed below.

Improved Initiative: Members get +1 to their initiative rolls
Improved Senses: Members gain an additional +1 to perception checks based on hearing or sound.
Improved Resilience: Members gain a +1 bonus to checks to stay conscious.
Improved Athletics: Members gain an athletics specialty of their choice.

A pack may purchase a variety of pack gifts to be available to its members.

Strength/Dexterity/Stamina of the Pack: The pack selects an attribute, any member of the pack may choose to roll that attribute plus their pack magic to grant bonus dice to a nearby pack member or friend of the pack.

Pack Healing: Pack members may perform a short ritual (Wolf + Pack) to lend their own improved healing energies to a fallen wolf or friend of the pack. That character loses their rapid healing abilities for a day but allows the target to heal an additional lethal damage. If the roll is dramatically successful the target heals two lethal damage, or one aggravated.


Pack Magic

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