The Change

Werewolves have the ability to change their shape between man and wolf. Shape changing is an arduous and even dangerous task, that is best performed in a controlled environment. Shifting requires a Stamina + The change roll. Before making the roll the desired rate of change must be decided and appropriate modifiers added.

Rate Modifiers
Single Round -4
Less than a minute -3
One to Five Minutes -1
Five to Fifteen minutes 0
Fifteen to Thirty minutes +2

Depending on the number of successes the GM determines at what point within the range the werewolf shifts. The total successes are then subtracted from 7 and the werewolf takes bashing damage equal to that amount.

Other Modifiers

Full Moon +2
Number of Shifts that day -1 per shift

One Dot
The werewolf has the ability to shift into his wolf form, this form is approximately the same mass as the character and resembles a very large natural wolf. In this form the character gains an addition +1 to all physical attributes as well as +2 bonus to checks based on listening or smelling. The character also gains 5 speed in this form. In wolf form the character deals lethal damage with their brawl attacks.

Two Dot
The werewolf gains access to their war form, which is an upright wolf man form. The character gains significant mass in this form which is reflected by an increase of 2 Strength and 2 Stamina. In addition the thick skin of the war form has an armor rating of 1. In war form the character gains the same smell and listening bonuses but not the speed bonus. Werewolve’s in war form are far more likely to lose control particularly if hurt so the GM may call for Resolve + Composure checks to represent this.

Three Dot
The werewolf is able to access their part wolf form, which allows them to act as if in human form but still gain the benefits of being a wolf. The character retains full ability to use tools and weapons, heals at the increased werewolf rate and has the listening and smelling bonuses. Brawl attacks made in this form still do lethal damage. The first time the character changes into this form they may select strength dexterity or stamina to be increased by 1 while in part wolf form.


The Change

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